I often comment that I feel Canada is a meeting of the Nations. We are from all nations of the earth, of different backgrounds and cultures. This I call the spice of life. The flavor and energy we get from each other is inspiring. I truly had fun yesterday while having my daily time by the river. I met a lovely local family of Scottish and Irish mix. The conversation started around one of their little warrior daughters. She was wearing a green T-Shirt that caught my eye, the Luck of the Irish type and the life energy that came from her as she was busting with adventure playing in the river with her dad.  Her Mom and I had a great chin wag about the old sod, Ireland. I shared with her my love for people and all the different flavours of culture we have here in Cochrane, a meeting of the nation’s right on our door step.  I was recalling that all nations have a destiny or some may call it a gift. I see Ireland having a gift of hospitality and storytelling as well as the gift of music. I personally feel that the Irish have a sound that is yet to be heard and I do believe that sound is on the horizon and will go around the world. Canada’s gift is a healing to the nations and that river is about to burst its banks and folks around the world will look to Canada in amazement.  Alberta may be where it starts. The first nation’s people have a lot we have not yet received but as they spread their wings of freedom it will cause a newness in the land, they too like the Irish have the gift of storytelling, and they have an artistic talent no other people possess.  I would love to hear from you, where you are from and what you feel your nations destiny/gift may be.

Deborah Murphy July 11/21